St. Louis Concrete is a custom concrete contracting company with over 47 years of experience specializing in decorative concrete and traditional concrete for both residential and commercial concrete installation. We offer free estimates. Our specialties include custom concrete design of decorative stamped concrete with many color and pattern choices, exposed aggregate concrete, and traditional concrete.

St. Louis Concrete specializes in custom concrete design, new installation and replacement of driveways, patios, pool decks, garage floors, sidewalks, porches and other flatwork. We also offer installation of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas and outdoor kitchens, bringing your living space to the outdoors. We stake our reputation on giving each of our customers the personalized care they deserve.


Our Service List

Decorative Concrete Traditional Concrete Flatwork
Driveways Exposed Aggregate Footing
Patios Stamped Short Walls
Sidewalks Stenciled Street Slab Replacement
Pool Decks Site Work Dumpster Pads
Garage Floors Curbs
Outdoor Fireplaces Approaches
Outdoor Fire Pits